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Gas Station Advertising Powered By Pump TV Global

LCD Digital Signage has picked up momentum easily as one of the most competent ways of marketing brands and their services. Based out of Gippsland, Victoria, PumpTv Global is a marketing arm of sister company Adverto. The aim at PumpTv Global is to give regionally-based gas stations the chance to enter the world of digital marketing with state-of-the-art IP65 media units that work in favour of boosting in-store sales, small and local businesses, and many such local events.

As a gas station owner, you may wonder if it will be worth it to invest your time and money into digital marketing when you’re already dealing with typical gas station ruckus 24×7. This is where we step in with the full package. With PumpTV Global, we save you the menace of looking for adverts and provide them to you ourselves!

LCD Signage

Your PumpTv Global Contract Will Give You The Opportunity To

Invest $25,000

Invest $25,000 per qualified site with Adverto signage displays

Return 15% of

Return 15% of the 3rd party advertising revenue to the station owner

Attract more drivers

Attract more drivers to your station that will contribute in terms of gas sales

Reduce expense

Reduce expense put towards static POS material, like shelf wobblers and posters

More sundry income opportunities

More sundry income opportunities to undertake experimental/digital activations

Digital Screen Displays In Australia

Digital Screen Displays In Australia

Whether you are a brand looking to raise awareness about your product or a gas station owner set to take on a new approach to take things to the next level, digital signage display is something both parties can gain traction from. PumpTv Global is all set to provide a highly beneficial advertising solution to business owners and gas station owners. Proudly based in Australia, PumpTv Global powered by Adverto is all set to make a mark in the digital marketing industry and you can hop on a ride with us to this destination!

Advertise Your Brand

If you are a brand providing products, ideas, services, and much more, advertise your cause via PumpTV Global to channel your brand’s purpose to a big chunk of the population! Our creative team is highly skilled and driven to help you come up with interesting ideas and advertise your services in the best possible way.

You will soon realise how easy and efficient it is to use gas pump advertising. It’s easy and can be updated from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is share your creatives or your idea and our team will follow from there and deliver the most competent advertising solutions.

Advertising Solutions:

  • Static Ads:
    Static images can be used to help spread the message and purpose of your company through digital signage. You can have static images displayed at places such as the petrol/gas booth.
  • TVC And Dynamic Ad:
    You can choose to display a particular message, product, or service for a span of 10,15, or 30 seconds and grab the attention of potential customers. As people patiently wait for their tanks to refuel, you can use this idol time frame to your advantage.
  • Animated Short Videos:
    No matter what age, everybody loves animated videos. Animated videos always make more heads turn than normal videos because they are so informative and fun. So come up with a fun video with messages from your brand!
  • Buzz Info Slides:
    Buzz info slides are short impactful words displayed on a screen that then transitions into an informative video in just a few seconds. This helps explain your brand’s image and the buzzword seems to linger around for a while, achieving the ‘make yourself noticeable’ notion come alive for your brand. Buzz info slides are more like a fun powerpoint presentation with each slide showcasing something important that the brand wants to set out to the world.

These innovative ways will help you make a mark on the audience and leave them with a mental picture of your brand’s advertisement. Our Creative Team will help you come up with innovative ideas in order to channelise your brand’s purpose. Our highly skilled team of Creatives will first understand why your brand exists and how you perceive it. Based on that, the team will come up with creative advertising solutions to help you advertise your brand in the best possible way.

About Us

Our aim at PumpTV Global is to tap into the forefront of digital signage marketing as one of the most competent styles of digital marketing in our modern-day world. As print media takes a back seat with digital marketing steering the wheel to success, our cloud-based media solutions are just beginning to prosper as we intend to work on quality content and perennial growth.

Digital marketing has proven to be twenty-two times more cost-effective than print media and it promises to engage. Powered by Adverto Hardware, PumpTv Global will provide its customers with digital signage boards and displays. These devices help gas station owners expand their business by installing said devices and brands can profit via advertising their skills, products, or services.

Our aim is to help regionally-based gas stations to turn into tech-savvy hub spots for interaction and business transactions, giving them a chance to establish a side income and generate revenue. Whereas brands advertised on these gas stations can look forward to a good percentage of ROI in their logbooks!


Why Choose PumpTv Global?

We help provide great packages for gas station advertising that come with opportunities and benefits for both, a gas station owner and brands investing in their company’s efforts. Visit our website to know more about the packages we offer for business owners to advertise their brands.

For gas station owners, PumpTv Global provides some excellent packages for buying digital signages in terms of revenue, returns, and ownership contracts!

Here are a few benefits of choosing PumpTv Global as your marketing partner:

Cost-effective approach


Geographic targeting


Captive audience


Better visibility


Delivers optimal results

Delivers Optimal Results

Repeat reviews


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