Pump TV Global is a regionally based digital marketing company based in Gippsland, Victoria. We are the marketing arm of sister company Adverto and use only Adverto products in our range. Pump TV Global want to offer regionally based petrol stations the ability to tap into forecourt advertising with state-of-the-art IP65 media units that can help to boost in-store sales, local business & local events. Pump TV Global do the leg work, as a petrol station owner we understand how busy it can be and adding digital marketing can sound like a bit of a headache but at Pump TV Global we find the adverts for you!


Pump TV Global will supply 2-3 double sided units, at no cost on a 5 year  loan contract with a additional 5 year (Total 10 Years) contract available.
Installation of the units will be completed by Adverto at no cost.
You will receive 15% of Ad Revenue derived from Local Advertising on your locations screens for one site
Ad Revenue share. (e.g. 15 x 10” ads = $2025.00ex total quarterly revenue for you.)
During the 5 years, you will be responsible only for keeping the units clean & in a  saleable state.
Included in the 5 Year Loan-
When the 5 year contract has elapsed, you have the opportunity to roll over into  another 5 year contract or have the units removed by Adverto at no costs.*
* Adverto units must be in a saleable state when removed any damage’s may affect your final revenue payment.
  • 01 15% Ad Revenue paid on a 3 month period

  • 02 3 X 10 second AD slots within the content loop to advertise instore promotions (ask your representative about options)

  • 03 3 X C-store promotional AD slide creations per promotional period, created by PumpTV Global’s in house design team

  • 04 If a local business signs up to a 12 month advertisement that the station owner has directly recommended, The station owner will receive bonus revenue for that ads first 3 months

  • 05 The only cost to the station is the power needed to run the units.

Pump TV Global will, as part of the contract provide your station with the following opportunities

  • 01 Invest up to $25,000 per qualified site with the Adverto digital screens

  • 02 Return 15% of the 3rd party advertising revenue to the station owner

  • 03 Attract more drivers to your station, who will in turn add more fuel volume sales to your site

  • 04 Reduce overhead expenditure on static POS material, such as posters and shelf wobblers

  • 05 Sundry income opportunities to undertake digital/experimental activations

Adverto proudly uses only the worlds leading hardware and software applications.

Adverto Tech & Certifications

Certificate of Compliance

Electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment - Emission requirement

Test Certificate

Test certificate for ingress protection (IP65) Testing of Unitopper Twin to AS 6D529:2004
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